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Burglary Charges Defense

Houston Burglary Attorney – Shahin Zamir

The State of Texas describes the crime of Burglary as entering another person’s home or property with the illegal intent to perpetrate a theft or other felony. Some may call this “breaking and entering” or “housebreaking.” Prosecutors take these charges extremely seriously and anyone who is accused of burglary should seek counsel from a seasoned Houston Burglary lawyer. Contact Shahin Zamir at 713-223-8900.

The state is required to overcome many serious hurdles and meet a substantial burden of proof in order to obtain a conviction for a serious crime like burglary. The professionals at the Law Office of Shahin Zamir are keen observers and are trained to locate weaknesses in the state’s case that can be highlighted in order to protect your rights. For the state to successfully prosecute a burglary, they are required to prove that the accused:

  • Made entry onto the property by force
  • Illegally entered or trespassed on the property
  • Remained or resided within the property for a long period of time
  • Made entry with intent to commit a theft, or felony such as a sex crime, or a violent crime.

Burglary Defense in Houston

A Texas burglary is considered a felony and being convicted could result in incarceration, probations, fines, restitution, or community service. A criminal conviction can also remain on a person’s criminal record for years to come and possibly keep you from gaining employment, loans, and certain educational benefits.

If you are facing the serious repercussions of a potential Burglary conviction, it is most important that you consult with a seasoned Houston defense attorney who is dedicated to protecting your rights. At the Law Office of Shahin Zamir, we will make sure that you stay informed about the status of your case and aggressively protect your future with the final goal of seeing your charges dismissed. In rare situations, a conviction may be inevitable. However, our firm has a history of success in negotiating for a less serious offense or a sentence with minimal impact on your life and future.

Contact a Houston Burglary Lawyer

The staff at the Law Office of Shahin Zamir is prepared to field questions or address any concerns that you may have regarding the particular laws and circumstances surrounding a Houston Burglary. When faced with severe criminal charges, you deserve legal counsel that is determined to protect your future.

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