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A senseless exploit committed during one’s youth can have long lasting repercussions. A criminal conviction, even minor charges, can haunt your child into adulthood by making admission to college or finding employment much more difficult.

Juvenile acts of delinquency are dealt with differently than adult criminal matters. There are a special set of guidelines for adjudicating offenders. If your child has been charged with a crime, you need the help of a seasoned Houston juvenile defense attorney who knows the juvenile system and can protect your child’s future with a unique defense strategy. Call Shahin Zamir today: 713-223-8900

Houston Juvenile Crimes Defense Attorney

At the Law Office of Shahin Zamir, we have assisted countless Houston area youths avoid the negative consequences of juvenile crimes. Our attorneys have ongoing professional relationships with prosecutors and law enforcement officers, helping us to avoid criminal convictions and maintain our clients’ good names.

Our staff can handle your child’s defense no matter what kind of crimes they are accused of, including:

Whenever circumstances allow, Texas courts prefer rehabilitation as opposed to punishment of juvenile crimes. In many cases, our firm is often successful at obtaining a 90-day reset, after which the court will dismiss a case without resulting in a permanent criminal record if the child stays out of trouble.

Houston Juvenile Offenses Law Firm

In extreme cases where a juvenile case may end up in adult court, we stand ready to vigorously defend your child’s future against aggressive prosecutions. Our primary goal will be to keep the case in the juvenile system if possible. In either scenario, we can provide a solid defense strategy for your child.

Our firm also recognizes that a child’s behavior sometimes has underlying roots. Under these circumstances, we can partner with the court and other social service agencies to find a personalized solution that offers the youth the help that they need. Often, treatment for substance abuse, counseling, or other kinds of professional intervention may be what is required to get the child back on a positive path.

No matter what kind of situation your child has found himself in, the Law Office of Shahin Zamir has the training and experience to defend your child throughout the complicated juvenile court process. Contact us today in order to begin protecting your child’s future. Call Shahin Zamir at 713-223-8900 for a free consultation.