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An employee commits embezzlement when he steals money from his employer. Embezzlement has gained a reputation as a white-collar crime because it happens most often in the banking and finance industries. However, any worker who is suspected of taking cash or electronic funds from an employer can be charged with this theft crime. Employees who commit this offense may oftentimes falsify, alter or destroy company records in order to cover their tracks. For this reason, embezzlement frequently involves fraud.

Workers may be accused of stealing if they:

  • Divert merchandise from their employers
  • Remove money from a cash register or safe without authorization
  • Electronically transfer funds from company-owned accounts to their privately-held bank accounts

While some embezzlement incidents are handled privately, cases that involve large sums of money may spur employers to alert authorities and pursue criminal charges against the offending employees. If you have been accused of embezzling, do not make the mistake of representing yourself in a court of law. You should get help from an experienced embezzlement attorney.

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Typical Penalties

In Texas, the severity of an embezzlement charge is proportional to the value of the misappropriated funds or items. If the amount in question is less than $1,500, an offense is treated as a misdemeanor and is punishable with up to 12 months in jail. Any accusation that involves at least $1,500 is charged as a felony. The various punishments for felony embezzlement include:

  • Theft of $1,500 to $19,999: 180 days to two years in state jail
  • Theft of $20,000 to $99,999: Two to 10 years in prison
  • Theft of $100,000 to $199,999: Two to 20 years in prison
  • Theft of $200,000 or more: Five to 99 years in prison

Texas’ embezzlement laws hold state workers and certain other “public service” employees to higher standards. As such, a public service worker who is found guilty of embezzling $150,000 may be sentenced to more than 20 years in prison. Accused persons in Houston should contact Shahin Zamir, a seasoned criminal defense lawyer.

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