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Texas has a reputation for being tough on crime, especially when it comes to punishing those convicted of murder, or homicide as it is also called. The Lone Star State leads the nation in executions and is part of the “death belt” across the southeastern United States. A few capital crimes that could result in a death sentence include:

  • Murder of a peace officer or firefighter while acting in an official capacity
  • Intentional murder while committing another felony
  • Murder for hire
  • A killing performed during an escape from prison
  • Killing a corrections officer while confined to a penal institution
  • Murder of a child under six years of age
  • Multiple murders
  • Killing of a judge in retaliation for an unrelated sentence

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Opportunity for Wrongful Conviction

Murder often results in a wrongful conviction because prosecutors are under a tremendous amount of pressure to obtain justice for the victim. A number of other factors can lead to a wrongful conviction for murder including:

  • Eyewitness misidentification
  • Tainted forensic evidence
  • Professional misconduct at DNA crime lab
  • Falsifying documents
  • Bullying the suspect into a confession
  • Police or prosecutorial misconduct

Murder Convictions

People who are charged with murder have a lot to lose if they are convicted. Since this crime is one of the more aggressively pursued ones, the odds of a wrongful conviction are exceedingly high. If you have been charged with murder, your life may depend on an aggressive defense. Attorney Shahin Zamir is a former Harris County prosecutor who knows that District Attorneys are often anxious to secure a conviction at any cost. Since he is familiar with the tactics used, he can prepare an aggressive defense that will send a clear message to the State of Texas – “Prove every element beyond a reasonable doubt.”

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Attorney Shahin Zamir is an experienced criminal defense attorney who will fight diligently to make sure your rights are not violated. He will make sure police do not attempt to use any illegally-obtained evidence against you in a court of law. If you have been part of a murder investigation, you need to have Mr. Zamir on your side. Call 713-223-8900 for an appointment to discuss your case.