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Cocaine Possession Charges

Cocaine Related Crimes in Houston TX

Cocaine related crimes are relentlessly prosecuted by the State of Texas. In many cases, the mere possession of a small amount of cocaine or crack could result in distribution charges. When investigators suspect that someone has a link to a large scale distribution ring, the federal justice system will often get involved as well. Possession of drugs such as cocaine is a violation of state and federal law and can result in charges being filed in both justice systems.

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Cocaine Penalties in Houston

A Texas cocaine conviction will result in mandatory jail time and put your future at serious risk. Any deals that a prosecutor may offer, no matter how appealing, are still permanent criminal convictions. In the Houston area, you need a professional Houston criminal defense attorney to protect your rights. There are several types of defense strategies against a cocaine charge and it is of utmost importance that you discuss your case with a qualified lawyer immediately to begin planning your defense.

Houston Cocaine Charges Attorney – Shahin Zamir

At the Law Office of Shahin Zamir, we can develop an effective defense strategy by analyzing your unique case and getting the entire story beyond arrest. Finding the answers to some of the following questions may be the key to protecting you against charges that could destroy your future.

  • Did law enforcement have probable cause for determining that you were in possession of cocaine?
  • Was a search warrant for your property legally obtained and executed?
  • Is there any reasonable doubt that the substance actually belonged to you?
  • Is the official police report factual and reasonable?
  • What kind of life experiences have you had in relation to drugs?

The professionals at the Law Office of Shahin Zamir have vast experience protecting the rights of good people who have been charged with cocaine related crimes. Mr. Zamir can relay your story in a persuasive manner that depicts you in the most positive way. We have been successful in defending many people resulting in a reduction or even a dismissal of charges. Our Houston cocaine lawyers also have a positive track record of convincing judges that treatment programs should be considered in lieu of jail time for those who are convicted. Contact us today to get started on your defense against Houston cocaine charges. For a free consultation call 713-223-8900.