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Terroristic Threat Charges Defense

Houston Terroristic Threat Lawyer – Shahin Zamir

It is not uncommon for someone to make a threat against another person, place or community.  Not all these threats are considered terroristic or even illegal.  The Texas Penal Code defines terroristic threats as when a person threatens to commit violence with the intent to:

  • Cause a reaction to this threat by a volunteer organization that deals with emergencies
  • Cause a person to feel fear of imminent danger
  • Prevent the use of a public place to which citizens otherwise have the right to free enjoyment
  • Impair or interrupt the use of public communications
  • Disrupt public water, gas or power utility supplies
  • Disrupt any mode of public transportation
  • Influence the activities of any branch of state or federal government

The prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the threat falls underneath the laws of a terroristic threat.  Shahin Zamir is a criminal defense lawyer experienced in terroristic threat cases who knows what the prosecutors look for.

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Possible Penalties of a Terroristic Threat

The penalties for terrorist threats are considered serious under Texas law. A few of the sanctions that might be imposed include:

  • Extensive prison time
  • Revocation of personal protection license
  • Denied entry into the Armed Forces or other government service
  • Fines
  • Probation
  • Inability to obtain student or Small Business Administration loans.

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Unique Challenges

Those accused of making terroristic threats pose unique challenges due to the USA Patriot Act. This Act, which was passed shortly after 9/11, denies special due process to defendants who are accused of an act of terrorism. Some of the things allowed under the Patriot Act, which would otherwise be unacceptable, include the following:

  • Warrantless wiretaps
  • The use of “sneak and peek” warrants
  • Denial of due process of law

Under normal conditions these acts would be considered a violation of one’s Constitutional rights and any evidence obtained by these illicit means would not be admitted in a court of law. However, the USA Patriot Act makes it possible for government officials to deny an individual his or her Constitutional rights under the guise of prosecuting “terrorism.”

Attorney Shahin Zamir Can Help

If you suspect you may be accused of one of these broad acts that are considered to be terroristic threats, contact Houston criminal lawyer Shahin Zamir before you are formally charged. Mr. Zamir is your best line of defense in warding off these charges and defending any constitutional rights that may have been violated during your arrest.

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