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Failure to Appear

Houston Failure to Appear Lawyer – Shahin Zamir

Some defendants who enter the criminal justice system for the first time do not realize that their conduct in court and during the case can add even more criminal charges to their rap sheets. Failure to appear in court when instructed to do so by a judge or a clerk of court can result in additional fines or time added to a prison sentence. In some cases, defendants may lose their right to pretrial freedom.

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Failure to Appear in Court

Criminal cases can take a very long time to unfold and may require various court appearances for hearings related to:

All parties involved in a criminal case must appear in court when ordered by the judge to do so. In and of itself, failure to appear is a misdemeanor crime, but they can turn into a felony offense in many jurisdictions. In Texas, for example, a defendant charged with a felony could face another if he or she fails to appear in court.

Jumping Bail

Criminal defendants who are out on bail and miss a court date could face more than additional charges. Judges can issue bench or capias warrants to compel defendants to appear in court; the former directs law enforcement to be on the lookout for the bail jumper and the latter instructs police to execute the warrant and actively look for the defendants.

Depending on the original charges and the jurisdiction, failing to appear could land a bail jumper in a Texas prison for a few years in addition to their primary sentence.

Not all defendants who miss a court hearing will end up in custody. Criminal defense attorneys can raise a few defenses to keep their clients out of jail. One of the most important aspects of an effective defense in these cases is to contact the judge before law enforcement executes the warrant. Hearings can be rescheduled and bonds may be reinstated, but everything is easier when the defendant is not in custody.

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