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Heroin Charges

Houston Heroin Charges Attorney – Shahin Zamir

Did you know that the most popular soft drink in the world was originally formulated as a substitute for a controlled substance closely related to heroin? The original purpose of Coca Cola in the 19th century was to help its inventor overcome his morphine addiction. Heroin is derived from morphine, and it is a dangerous drug that can bring serious problems for criminal defendants.

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As a Schedule I substance, dealing in heroin can be prosecuted at the state or federal level. Individuals arrested for possession, manufacture or delivery of heroin will more than likely find themselves facing diacetylmorphine charges. These are the same as diamorphine charges, and they can result in lengthy prison sentences.

The Texas Controlled Substances Act classifies heroin as a controlled substance that belongs in Penalty Group 1. What this means for defendants facing heroin charges is that their alleged crimes could receive the highest level of punishment for drug offenses in the Lone Star State.

Penalties for Diacetylmorphine Charges

Even possessing small amounts of heroin can have severe consequences for defendants. Less than one gram of heroin could result in a state prison sentence of up to 24 months. This is known as a state jail felony. Possessing between one and 3.99 grams is a third degree felony offense, which in Texas calls for a sentence of up to 10 years in a state correctional facility. Between four and 199 grams, defendants could spend up to 20 years incarcerated, and a first degree felony involves 200 to 399 grams and possibly 99 years in jail.

Defending Against Smack Charges

Due to the harsh penalties that heroin offenders face in court, it is extremely important that every single detail involving the case be reviewed by an experienced criminal defense attorney. Defense strategies for heroin cases usually begin with a critical look at the facts surrounding the case, followed by an analysis that explores the possibility of a dismissal. As the case progresses, defendants will notice that certain options become available to them, from a jury trial to a possible plea bargain situation.

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