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Protective Order

Houston Protective Order Defense

Protective orders are intended to restrain contact between two parties because one of them fears harm. It is commonly used among spouses or domestic partners whenever a separation occurs or there are allegations of domestic violence. Applications for protective orders often contain unfounded allegations that may be brought up later during a divorce or custody suit. Having a protective order issued also limits an individual’s freedom and can sometimes interfere with maintaining relationships.

Those who are accused of violating a protective order can face severe consequences. Some of these include:

  • Jail time
  • Electronic monitoring
  • Loss of visitation privileges
  • Fines

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Restrictions of Protective Orders

Many times, defendants may choose not to contest a protective order because they feel it is unnecessary to do so. However, it might be important to challenge an application for a restraining order because it could pose an enormous hardship to the individual being restricted. Some of the ways a protective order could affect this person include:

  • Limiting one’s ability to move about freely
  • Economic hardships due to restrictions on employment or housing
  • Difficulty maintaining relationships
  • Negative impact on divorce and child custody cases

How a Criminal Attorney Can Help

The good news for people who have a protective order pending against them is that help is available. Attorney Shahin Zamir is a criminal defense lawyer in Houston who will aggressively defend the allegations that may be brought up during a protective order hearing. In cases where a defendant has been accused of violating a protective order, he will force the prosecutor to prove a particular set of events happened beyond a reasonable doubt. Mr. Zamir will make sure that the rights of his client are not violated during a protective order hearing.

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