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    Houston Criminal Attorney Shahin Zamir

    Shahin Zamir

    If you are required to appear in court for breaking Texas criminal laws, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who will stand by you and do whatever it takes to secure your freedom and protect your rights. If you are arrested and convicted of a criminal offense, you may lose your job, your freedom and your civil rights. Shahin Zamir is a Houston criminal defense lawyer who understands the importance of an aggressive defense and personalized legal representation.

    A Defense Attorney Fighting for Your Freedom

    The lawyers at the Law Office of Shahin Zamir know that a misdemeanor or felony conviction can mean the loss of a person’s freedom. Depending upon the crime and if there are prior convictions, a judge may impose the following sentences on a convicted offender:

    • Imprisonment in state prison or local jail
    • Probation or intensive probation supervision
    • Monetary fines and administrative penalties
    • Community service
    • Suspension or revocation of driving privileges
    • Restitution
    • Mandatory sex offender registration

    Houston criminal defense lawyer Shahin Zamir prepares an aggressive defense strategy to attack the prosecutor’s evidence supporting the allegations against you. The goal is to weaken the case against you and win an acquittal or reduce the penalties a judge might impose.

    A Former Prosecutor to Fight for You

    Shahin Zamir is an attorney who understands how prosecutors prepare and present cases because he worked as an assistant district attorney. As a prosecutor, Shahin Zamir tried more than 30 criminal cases to verdict and attended the prestigious National Advocacy Center where the top state and federal prosecutors receive training.

    This experience and training has prepared him to handle all types of criminal cases, including, but not limited to, the following:

    The attorneys at the Law Office of Shahin Zamir have the training and experience to take on and successfully defend the most serious criminal offenses. Their dedication to providing each client with an aggressive defense is unsurpassed among criminal defense attorneys in Houston.

    DWI Defense in Houston

    When you’re looking for DWI defense in Houston, Texas, you need experienced legal counsel by your side. Under Texas law, the terms DUI and DWI are not interchangeable. A Texas DWI refers to any arrest where a police officer decides that someone has consumed alcohol or drugs to the extent that they cannot drive safely. Experienced legal representation from a DWI attorney can help protect your rights every step of the way. Our DWI defense in Houston can raise many issues – whether in preliminary hearings or at trial – to help you to gain leverage in your case. For example, we can determine whether the officer had a legal reason to stop you and if they administered state tests without malfunction or misuse. At the Law Office of Shahin Zamir, we can represent and help you maintain your driving privileges in Texas.

    Breathalyzer error – whether from misuse or equipment malfunction – is often part of a DWI defense. Another defense is no probable cause, meaning that the police officer didn’t legally detain and arrest you. Yet another defense is that you weren’t driving. Perhaps you were sitting or sleeping in a car, but had no intention of driving. Our DWI defense attorney can use these instances to help you get reduced or dropped charges in Houston, Texas.

    Some of the criminal and civil penalties for a DWI in Texas are extreme and include driver’s license suspension, fines, drug & alcohol abuse treatment, imprisonment, license restrictions, ignition interlock devices, and community service requirements. If you have been charged with a DWI in the Houston Texas area, hire our DWI charges defense firm immediately.

    Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges?

    Domestic violence in Texas is defined as any type of abuse by a family member, romantic partner, or cohabitating individual. Whether you’ve been arrested on domestic violence charges or experienced domestic violence, it’s important that you immediately speak to a Houston, Texas domestic violence lawyer from The Law Office of Shahin Zamir for experienced legal help. We can represent you and make sure that your legal rights are protected throughout the entire legal process.

    Many crimes fall under family violence law in the state of Texas, including assault, battery, domestic violence, sexual assault or battery, stalking, kidnapping, false imprisonment and murder. Penalties for domestic violence can be severe and will depend on the drug category (there’s five in Texas) and the type of charges you’re given – whether this is a Class C misdemeanor or a first-degree felony. Penalties can include incarceration (from one year in jail, to five to 99 years in prison), probation, and fines.

    In terms of domestic violence defense, our Texas attorneys can utilize a variety of defenses, including no offense occurred, unintentional or mistake, lack of knowledge, or even self-defense. With a strong domestic violence charges defense in Houston, you can rest assured that you’re protected the way you deserve to be.

    Drug Crimes Attorney in Houston. TX

    Any type of drug charge in Texas yields the need for drug crimes defense. The Houston drug attorney at the Law Office of Shahin Zamir works diligently to analyze the evidence against you and to make sure your case is handled as it should be every step of the way. Our Houston legal team has experience defending all types of drug charges including:

    • Sale or distribution
    • Unlawful possession
    • Trafficking
    • Manufacturing
    • Importation
    • Cultivation
    • Transportation

    You should immediately hire a lawyer to represent you when you’ve been charged with drug crimes. Our Houston drug crimes defense attorney can investigate your case thoroughly and determine what defense strategy would benefit your case.

    At the Law Office of Shanin Zamir, we offer free consultations. To learn more about your drug charges in Houston and what our experienced attorney can do for you, call us at (713) 223-8900 today.

    Compassionate Defense

    A thorough knowledge of the law and experience in the courtroom are important attributes of any criminal defense attorney, but Shahin Zamir understands the anxiety and uncertainty that comes from accusations of criminal wrong-doing. In order to help you to understand what is happening with your case, Shahin Zamir takes the time to answer questions that you or your family might have about the charges, the defense or the possible outcome. Keeping you informed is an important part of the representation you will receive at the Law Office of Shahin Zamir.

    Contact Criminal Lawyer Shahin Zamir

    When your rights and freedom are at stake, contact the Houston criminal defense lawyers at the Law Office of Shahin Zamir.

    Call the Law Office of Shahin Zamir today for a free case evaluation at 713-223-8900.


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