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Credit Card Abuse

Houston Credit Card Abuse Lawyer – Shahin Zamir

Credit card abuse, also known as credit card fraud, covers a wide range of offenses that involve the unlawful use of payment cards. While credit card abuse most often manifests itself as the physical theft and subsequent misuse of a payment card, there are plenty of other situations in which this type of fraud may be deemed to have occurred. These include:

  • Attempting to make purchases with a revoked or canceled debit card
  • Selling or purchasing a payment card that was lost or stolen
  • Using false information in an attempt to obtain a duplicate copy of another individual’s debit card
  • Using another individual’s personal information to apply for a credit card in his or her name

These cases typically do not result in favorable outcomes for defendants who represent themselves. Individuals who are accused of committing this complicated crime should contact an experienced credit card fraud attorney in Houston and get a free consultation.

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Possible Penalties for a ‘Guilty’ Verdict

The severity of the penalties for credit card fraud in Texas depend on the nature of the crime, the value of any illegally-obtained goods and the actual number of fraudulent purchases. Payment card abuse that involves fewer than five illegally-obtained items worth less than $20,000 are usually charged as state jail felonies. An individual who is convicted of this offense may face up to $10,000 in fines and a sentence of no more than two years in state jail.

Credit card fraud crimes that involve many illegally-obtained items worth $20,000 or more in the aggregate may be charged as identity theft and treated as first-degree felonies. Individuals who are convicted of first-degree felonies may spend anywhere from five to 99 years in prison. To avoid any unnecessary penalties, a person who is accused of committing this crime should contact an experienced payment card fraud attorney who may be able to reduce or dismiss these charges.

Defending Against Debit Card Abuse Charges in Houston

A dedicated criminal defense lawyer can fight credit card fraud accusations on multiple fronts. Many of these cases involve simple misunderstandings between the individual who is accused of the crime and his or her payment card issuer. These charges often rely heavily on circumstantial evidence that fails to hold up in court. If weak evidence generates some doubt in the courtroom, a Houston debit card abuse attorney may be able to convince a judge to mitigate the allegations. Many credit card fraud cases are initially charged as felonies and later reduced to Class A or Class B misdemeanors.

Shahin Zamir: a Houston Payment Card Fraud Authority

Shahin Zamir has devoted his life to fighting for his clients’ rights. For much of his career, he has helped Houston residents defend against baseless criminal accusations. Credit card fraud allegations are serious because they can lead to very harsh criminal punishments. You should not attempt to represent yourself in a court of law; you need a criminal defense lawyer who will work hard to secure your justice.

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