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Theft Charges Defense

Houston Theft Defense Lawyer – Shahin Zamir

Houston Theft Defense Lawyer – Shahin Zamir

The Houston court system is overwhelmed with theft related crimes, especially in times of economic downturn. If you have been charged with any kind of property or theft crime, the Law Office of Shahin Zamir is ready to defend you and protect your rights.

Our seasoned attorneys have defended thousands of people that have been charged with theft crimes. No matter how minor the offense, a theft conviction is accompanied by a permanent criminal record and a combination of incarceration, restitution, and probation. Having a theft history can hinder your employment and ruin your reputation.

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Criminal Defense Theft Attorney in Houston

The Houston theft attorneys at the Law Office of Shahin Zamir are prepared to mount a tenacious defense against all misdemeanor or felony theft allegations, including:

  • Burglary
  • Robbery
  • Shoplifting
  • Grand larceny
  • Auto theft
  • Employee theft
  • Embezzlement

We understand that many people accused of theft crimes are struggling with other issues such as unemployment, divorce, mental illness, and substance abuse. All of these factors can be considered mitigating circumstances and will often persuade the state to reduce or dismiss the charges if the accused agrees to counseling or other treatment. Our office can also contact the complainant or other witnesses in order to talk about punishment or restitution in light of the defendant’s personal situation.

Theft Criminal Defense Law Firm

Another unfortunate, but all too common, reason that some are charged with theft are complaints based on anger or revenge. If you have been wrongly accused of a theft because someone was upset with you, our staff can investigate and expose these lies and successfully get your charges dismissed or reduced. Many other theft charges are based on superficial or circumstantial evidence which can be easily challenged or suppressed with the help of a knowledgeable Houston theft attorney.

No matter what kind of evidence has mounted against you, the Law Office of Shahin Zamir can help you defend your rights and maintain your honest reputation. Contact us immediately to begin planning your defense against any type of theft of property related charge that the state is accusing you of. The state has already started to build their case, let us start helping you build yours today. Call the Law Office of Shahin Zamir at 713-223-8900.

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