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Houston Expungement Lawyer

A record of your criminal arrest can affect you for many years even if you were not found guilty. Public record includes information about your incident and will be made available to anyone who conducts a background check on you. With this in your background you may have difficulty gaining employment, renting a place to live or getting accepted into college.

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Sealing Criminal Records in Houston

If you want to clear your record, the Houston expunction attorneys at the Law Office of Shahin Zamir are ready to help. Our staff can file an expunction petition for a variety of reasons, including:

  • You were found “not guilty” at trial
  • Your charges were dismissed by a judge or the prosecution before trial
  • You are able to overturn a conviction by successful appeal
  • Your case was resolved by deferred disposition

When the petition for expunction is successful, it means that your record for that incident is “expunged” or erased. This also means that any government agency with a physical record of your incident agrees to destroy the file.

Expunction Eligibility

In the event that you are not eligible for expunction, you may still be able to control who accesses your records if you completed “deferred adjudication probation.” With this, our attorneys can ask a judge to issue an Order of Non-Disclosure, which bars the release of you record to agencies not affiliated with the government.

Essentially this means that if a private employer checks your background they cannot see your arrest record if an order of non-disclosure has been granted. On the other hand, if you are seeking a government job they will see that you have received deferred adjudication. These orders are solely at the discretion of a judge; therefore it is imperative to retain a seasoned lawyer who can convince the judge that you are deserving of the non-disclosure order.

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If an arrest record is negatively affecting your employment or education, an expunction or an order of non-disclosure may be your most effective legal options. The Houston attorneys at the Law Office of Shahin Zamir have extensive experience in the Texas legal system and are ready and willing to help you take control of your future.

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