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Weapons Charges

Houston Weapons Charges Lawyer – Shahin Zamir

The right to bear arms is highly regarded in Texas culture. However, as with most other good things, sometimes this right is abused and results in certain legal parameters that have to be observed. At the Houston Law Office of Shahin Zamir, we will help those who have been charged with weapons charges including knifes and firearms, possession of a weapon with intent to use unlawfully, illegal sales, and other weapons related charges. For a free consultation with Shahin Zamir, call 713-223-8900.

Gun & Weapon Laws in Houston

There are a multitude of weapon laws imposed by state and federal regulations. These laws can be very difficult to understand and violations can result and jail time and other penalties. If you have been accused of a weapons violation, you owe it to yourself to find a Houston weapons attorney that has an intimate knowledge of the laws that govern guns and related items. The Law Office of Shahin Zamir can defend you against a wide range of state and federal weapons charges including:

  • Concealed Weapons
  • Possession of a firearm or ammunition by a convicted felon
  • Interstate Transportation of firearms
  • Possession of a Firearm during the commission of a crime
  • Unlawful Possession, Modification, Possession, Manufacture, or Sale of Firearms
  • Unlicensed Use of a Firearm

Gun Charges in Houston

Prosecutors at all levels treat every weapons violation seriously. Possessing a firearm during a crime can turn a typical felony into a “strike” violation. These violations can weigh heavily during sentencing under the “three strikes” statute. This could mean the difference between prison and probation. In other cases, possession of a firearm during a crime could get you an additional 10 year sentence on top of the usual punishment for the original offense.

Contact Houston Gun & Weapon Attorney – Shahin Zamir

It is extremely important to have a knowledgeable Houston weapons attorney on your side while facing complex and serious weapons charges. The professionals at the Law Office of Shahin Zamir have extensive knowledge in the area of Texas weapons law, along with Constitutional law and search and seizure guidelines. We will develop a defense strategy that is tailor made for your particular situation and designed to protect your rights and freedom. No matter how your weapons charge originated, contact Shahin Zamir today to get started protection your future. Contact Shahin Zamir at 713-223-8900.