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Computer and Internet Crimes

Houston Cybercrimes Attorney – Shahin Zamir

Practically everyone uses the Internet in some capacity these days. Some of these users take advantage of certain opportunities provided by Internet access to commit crimes. Thousands of computer crimes and cybercrimes are perpetrated every day. Some are relatively minor, while others can cause major damage. Essentially, when someone uses the Internet to commit any type of criminal act, they may be found guilty of breaching online security laws. The Internet crimes most commonly committed include fraud, illegal scams, data hacking and illegal forms of pornography.

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Possible Penalties for Internet Crimes

Breaking the law on the Internet is a serious matter, and the laws that govern such activity are extremely strict. This is done to protect the security of vast amounts of personal information that people store in online locations. Information like PIN numbers and account passwords are commonly stolen by criminals, and so they must be powerfully protected. Additionally, the safety of minors and children online is of the highest importance. Some of the penalties handed down for common computer crimes are as follows:

  • Incarceration: Although it may sound unlikely, time behind bars is a common penalty for computer and Internet crimes. If someone hacks into a bank account, it is the same as if they had physically committed a theft crime. Lengths of incarceration can be from a few months for a minor crime to years if a major fraud or embezzlement scheme is uncovered.
  • Protective orders: Bullying, harassing and stalking over the Internet are more recent phenomena. Social media websites and search engines make personal data widely accessible, and some people take advantage of these resources. Protective orders can be issued when someone goes too far with this information and begins to infringe upon the privacy and rights of others. Protective orders prevent any contact, online or otherwise, between the alleged guilty party and the petitioner.
  • Fines: Fines are one of the most frequently used punishments for computer crimes. Recent cases have seen fines reach as high as tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for large-scale hacking and defrauding operations. The online illegal solicitation of a minor can also bring massive amounts of fines.

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The most difficult aspect of prosecuting computer crimes is the relative anonymity that the Internet offers. Even though computer forensics and data analysis have become advanced, it is still very easy for an online identity to slip through the cracks. An experienced Internet crimes lawyer knows that the painstaking process of evidence collection is a weakness for the prosecution. If exact protocols are not followed or if search warrants are not properly ordered and filed by the appropriate time, crucial evidence can be deemed inadmissible.

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