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Hiring a Houston Assault Lawyer for Terroristic Threat Charges

We’ve all heard the term “terroristic threats” before, but you’ve likely never imagined facing such a charge in Texas. Many people confuse the term for an act of terrorism. Someone who threatens a terrorist attack or commits one can still be charged with such a crime in Texas. But, terroristic threats also fall under the realm of assault. That’s why you should hire an experienced Houston assault lawyer when facing such a charge.

Why a Houston Assault Lawyer?

You might be wondering why you should hire a Houston assault lawyer. The fact of the matter is that they have the experience to handle a case involving terroristic threats. Even if you never laid a hand on someone else you can still be charged with threatening violence or harm to another person or a group of people. A defense lawyer will make a strong case in your defense in an effort to protect you from harsh penalties or sentencing.

What Is a Terroristic Threat?

So, what is a terroristic threat? A terroristic threat in Houston is defined as a person threatening to commit violence to a person or property in the following circumstances:

  • A threat that causes a reaction by an emergency agency that responds to such threats;
  • Causes a person to experience fear of imminent danger or bodily injury;
  • Interrupts or prevents a person or a group of people from occupying a building;
  • Interrupts or prevents public communication, power, public gas supply, public transportation, or service to the public of any kind;
  • Causes the public or a large group of the public to fear bodily injury;
  • Influences the activities or behavior of a state, local, or federal agency.

Terroristic Threat Charges

If you are accused of making terroristic threats to an individual or group of people, you can face various charges. Charges include Class A misdemeanor, Class B misdemeanor, or a felony in the third degree. The aspect of the threat is what determines the level of charge levied against you in Houston.

If you are facing a charge of terroristic threats in Houston you need to speak with an experienced assault lawyer to work on building a defense.