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What to Do If You are Pulled Over for Suspicion of Drunk Driving

Being pulled over can be stressful, especially if you’ve been drinking. Just because an officer makes a traffic stop does not necessarily mean that an arrest will ensue. If you follow these tips, your odds of facing DWI charges will … read more>

Singer Miguel Faces DUI Charges in Los Angeles

Grammy Award-winning singer Miguel, 27, was arrested early Thursday morning in Los Angeles for┬áDUI. Miguel was driving his BMW X6 when he was pulled over by police at 2:15 am for having tinted windows and driving faster than the designated … read more>

Drinking and Driving: Every Penalty You’ll Face for DWI

In Texas, you can be charged with a DWI if your blood alcohol content is .08 or higher. While the penalties for a DWI are severe, they increase substantially whenever there is an accident that involves injuries. The actual charges … read more>