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Man Shoots Friend in Back…Mistaking Him For Bigfoot

In Oklahoma, three people were arrested after a Bigfoot hunt went wrong. According to authorities, Omar Pineda was arrested after he shot his friend in the back while hunting for Bigfoot. Pineda explained to the authorities that he thought he … read more>

Man Attacks Two Others With Saw, Ax Before Apologizing

Police officers in Fort Worth are in pursuit of a man who attacked two men at a gas station before he realized he had pursued the wrong people. On Sunday afternoon, Jose Avila, 25, and his father, Jose DeLeon, were … read more>

Ted Nugent’s Wife Had Gun in Carry-On Luggage, Was Arrested

The wife of rock musician Ted Nugent was taken into custody by authorities on Thursday afternoon because a handgun was discovered in her carry-on luggage at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. According to her defense lawyer, Shemane Ann Nugent “completely forgot or … read more>