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Behind Bars: Jail vs. Prison

Choosing between jail and prison is the stuff that bad dreams are made of, but there really is a significant difference. The primary distinction is the length of the sentence. Jails are generally reserved for prisoners that have received a … read more>

Expungement: Your Legal History Is Nobody’s Business

Many Texans wrongly assume that being cleared of a criminal offense means that the ordeal is over. Unfortunately, this is not the case since the arrest record is still available to employers, federal and state agencies, education institutions, finance companies … read more>

New Trial – Reasons For a Second Chance

When a criminal trial results in a guilty verdict, the convicted person may wish to file a motion for a new trial. This practice is relatively common and the success of the motion depends on the reason for the request. … read more>

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Rejects Death Sentence Appeal

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals rejected Areli Escobar’s plea to be released from the death penalty. Areli Escobar has been convicted of stabbing Bianca Maldonado to death in Austin, Texas in 2009. Testimony established that Areli Escobar, a Mexican national, was illegally living … read more>

You’ve Been Arrested — Now What?

Being taken into custody by the police can be emotionally and physically overwhelming, especially if it’s a first-time encounter with law enforcement. Learning about the arrest process beforehand can make some sense out of this unnerving experience. What Happens Next? … read more>

4 Texas Women May Be Released On Bail Using A New Texas Law

Elizabeth Ramirez and three other women in Texas may be released on bail after a new law allows convicted individuals to re-open their cases because of advances in science. Forensics methods, such as fiber particles and bite marks, can be … read more>

What to Expect at a Preliminary Hearing

A preliminary hearing is a legal proceeding that many people will experience after being charged with criminal behavior. As its name suggests, a preliminary hearing comes before a trial. This hearing serves several purposes but the main purpose is to … read more>

Happy Thanksgiving

The Law Office of Shahin Zamir is wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Preparing for Your Arraignment

In criminal court systems across the United States, thousands of people are arraigned each day. According to the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, an arraignment is when a defendant is given a chance to answer to an indictment, although this … read more>

How to Clear an Arrest Warrant

Certain offenses can result in a warrant for one’s arrest being issued. Oftentimes, these warrants are not served right away for one reason or another. Those who have an outstanding warrant need to take measures to clear it in order … read more>