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Store Clerk Scares Off Potential Robber With Insecticide

A female store clerk near Waco thwarted an attempted robbery by using bug spray in her defense. When the thief came towards her, the clerk quickly grabbed the spray can and spritzed him with it. The man was caught off-guard and ran … read more>

The 5 Most Common Types of Financial Crimes

Every day, hundreds of Texans are involved in one of the many financial crimes, either as an offender or a victim. Here are the five most common financial crimes that are perpetrated in the state of Texas. Identity Theft Identity … read more>

Student’s Truck Stolen After Valet Gave Keys to Wrong Man

A college student’s truck was stolen early Friday morning when the alleged thief drove away with it from a bar in Midtown. Gabe Salazar, 24, was at the bar to celebrate his upcoming graduation from the University of Houston. When … read more>

Mom Collected Donations After Telling Son, 9, He Had Cancer

A mom in New Jersey faces arrest after she allegedly tricked her family and friends into thinking that her 9-year-old son was suffering from cancer. Susan Stillwaggon, 35, is accused of multiple criminal charges, including theft by deception, forgery, child endangerment and … read more>

Pasadena Man Found Guilty of $11M Investment Fraud

A federal jury in north Texas deliberated for only six minutes last Wednesday before deciding that the defendant is guilty of defrauding investors in a $11 million conspiracy. Gary Lynn McDuff, 58, of Pasadena may be punished with up to … read more>