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Mom Allegedly Tied Up Son With Metal Chain

A woman in California was arrested last week because she allegedly tied up her son with a metal chain.

Irma Navarro, 37, is charged with willful child cruelty. She is scheduled to appear in court on July 22.

According to a statement from the Santa Ana Police Department, the defendant wrapped a chain around her son’s ankles to keep him from “running the streets and getting into trouble or mixed up with the wrong group of kids while she was at work.”

When law enforcement officers arrived on the scene, they found the 10-year-old boy in the courtyard of the apartment complex where he and his family live. The shackles around his legs had to be removed with bolt cutters.

According to a witness, the boy cried as he leaned against a tree. When she talked to him, he reportedly said to her, “My mom did this to me.”

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