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What Are Common Drug Crimes in Houston?

It’s not uncommon to come across someone who has been charged with a drug crime in the Houston area. You might have even faced such a charge in the past. Or, maybe you face such a charge now. Every drug crime is different. They come under different circumstances, come with different penalties, and even have different levels of charges levied. So, what are some common drug crimes in Houston?

Drug Crimes: Possession

The penalties for drug possession in Texas differ from the penalties in other states. Despite the difference in penalties, it is still illegal at both the state and federal levels to possess any amount of controlled substances. Controlled substances include cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. If you are found to be in possession of one of these drugs the charge levied will either be simple possession or possession with the intent to distribute those drugs. It all depends on the amount of drugs found in your possession.

Drug Paraphernalia

Drug paraphernalia is another type of Houston drug crime. This crime occurs when the subject is found to be in possession of some type of drug item. This item can be a bong, rolling papers, syringes, pipes, or even a scale. For example, if a scale is found with baggies and a large amount of drugs, the subject will likely be charged with intent to distribute, not just possession or possession of paraphernalia.

Drug Trafficking

A very common drug crime in Houston and throughout the country is that of drug trafficking. It is illegal to transport, sell, or import illegal substances. Drug trafficking is a felony, which makes it a much more serious crime than possession or possession with the intent to distribute. Subjects charged with drug trafficking are typically found to be in possession of a high volume of either cocaine, heroin, or marijuana.

Manufacturing of Drugs

The manufacturing of illegal drugs is also a drug crime in Houston. Any person found to be involved in the process of manufacturing an illegal drug, no matter their level of involvement, could face such a charge in Texas. Federal and state laws also view the delivery of illegal drugs as a crime. A conviction brings with it hefty fines and lengthy prison time.

Facing a drug crime charge in Houston? It’s best to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney to build a case in your favor.