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Jumping Bail? A Bounty Hunter Might Arrest You

The bail is typically set for the accused at the time of arrest. Depending on the severity of the crime, the bail may consist of personal promise, pledge of property or a monetary exchange to ensure the person arrested will attend the trial. Bail bondsmen are often engaged if the person arrested cannot afford to pay the bail of any type. In many cases, the process may be prolonged for many months or years, leading to some individuals “jumping the bail” and never appearing at the trial.

The Job of a Bounty Hunter

As the police force has limited resources, the bail enforcement agents seek people who skip bail and bring them back to the jurisdiction where the trial will begin. Since the job of bounty hunting is demanding, dangerous and often requires endless hours of pursuit, the bounty hunters receive up to 20 percent of the bail’s amount for their efforts.

There are many requirements to become a bounty hunter. They are regulated by the laws of each state, which may greatly vary. Some states require the bail agents to hold appropriate certificates and attend educational classes that prepare them for the job in the field. Licensing requirements are waived in numerous states, and the agents are only required to wear identifying clothing instead. Bounty hunters who are licensed in one state typically cannot make arrests in another state. To the contrary, some states do not allow pursuance of the accused within the state’s lines and only allow out-of-state bail reinforcement. Many convicts are familiar with the laws of the state and try to avoid the arrest.

Full arrest powers are granted to the fugitive recovery agents. If the location of the accused is known, the bounty hunter can make an arrest as long as the owner of the premises has given his permission for the arrest. However, the premises can be entered without an arrest warrant if there is reason to believe that the accused is presently there.

Individuals who break the law are brought to justice with the help of bail enforcement agents. They provide a valuable service by bringing convicts to face trial and receive appropriate punishment for their crimes.

The Limitations of  the Job

There are restrictions and limits to the power of arrest the bounty hunters possess. These include inability to carry firearms without a permit. The permit may not be valid in all states. Bounty hunters can only arrest the fugitives, and they may not arrest any other individuals. The agents also cannot use force during the arrest and are required to carry insurance in case of false arrest lawsuits that are imposed by people who were mistakenly taken into custody.

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