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Preparing for Your Arraignment

In criminal court systems across the United States, thousands of people are arraigned each day. According to the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, an arraignment is when a defendant is given a chance to answer to an indictment, although this answer is more of a simple acknowledgment.

Taking proper legal action in the time between arrest and an arraignment hearing is crucial for criminal defendants. This is when defense attorneys can really make an impact. For this reason, it is imperative to retain counsel as soon as possible. When individuals are in custody and without the benefit of private legal representation, prosecutors will move to take advantage of the situation.

What Happens Before You are Arraigned

When a criminal attorney is retained early on, he or she will first review the merits of the case with a critical and practical mindset. The public is generally not aware of just how many cases are dismissed before a person is formally charged thanks to efficient action by the defense. These are often weak or shaky charges that would probably not hold up well in court, and this is something that the defense can point out to prosecutors.

In state and federal criminal justice systems, intake prosecutors do not pay too much attention to the merits of criminal accusations brought before them. This is particularly true when arrests take place during the weekends. Intake prosecutors are not the same attorneys who go to trial, but defense lawyers may be able to convince the opposition to drop a case they have little chance of prosecuting successfully. In other situations, the case may have the potential to upset the court or embarrass the prosecutors.

Trust No-One–Except Your Lawyer

Prior to being officially charged with the crime, the alleged perpetrator must only speak to their attorneys and no-one else. The person who is standing trial must comply with all court rules or conditions set by bail bondsmen. They should also communicate any ideas concerning possible defenses to their lawyers only.

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