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Mom Collected Donations After Telling Son, 9, He Had Cancer

A mom in New Jersey faces arrest after she allegedly tricked her family and friends into thinking that her 9-year-old son was suffering from cancer.

Susan Stillwaggon, 35, is accused of multiple criminal charges, including theft by deception, forgery, child endangerment and using a child to perpetrate a criminal act.

Stillwaggon supposedly told her son that he had stage three Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She then collected about $3,500 in donations. An investigation by police revealed that the boy is not with cancer.

Police are still trying to identify victims of the scam. According to detectives, several people organized events such as Bingo fundraisers and community bake sales to raise money for the child.

Stillwaggon has not been arrested. She is currently receiving psychiatric treatment at a local hospital.

Police officers who are assigned to the case believe that Stillwaggon’s husband was unaware of the hoax. He works as a truck driver, and his wages are the family’s sole source of income.

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